Having bad breath can make a serious dent in your social life, not to mention retarding your success in your job. This can be completely treated with simple self-care measures at home in a matter of seconds!

The only problem is that several many people who have mouth odor don’t taste or smell it themselves. You have bad breath if you experience any of the following.

1. Is your mouth frequently dry?

2. Is there a white coating on your tongue?

3. Do you smoke or eat stuffs like garlic, onions and a anchovies?

4. Is your saliva thick?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you are most likely to be suffering from bad breath. And guess what? Even your closet friend will not tell you about it. Rather they will prefer to avoid you like a plaque!

Don’t worry, home and household remedies can actually cure your bad breadth at no extra cost to your pocket.


1. Place two drops of pepper mint oil in your tongue, three times daily. This is effective in killing bacteria apart from its pleasant taste and aroma.

2. You can also chew several fennel seeds, anise seeds or cloves to freshen your breadth. It can be carried in a small sealed container conveniently. Since natural strategies for bad breadth work best if combined with regular and thorough oral hygiene, flossing and brushing the teeth as well as the tongue especially the back part will work for you. Do it now! Brush your teeth and tongue after each meal and floss it three times daily. Use a moist tooth brush, a tongue scraper or a metal spoon held upside down to scrap off any bacteria on the back of the tongue and cleanse that area.

3. Avoid strong smelling foods and alcohol, don’t smoke. Fresh parsley has a similar effect because it is rich in chlorophyll which is a very powerful mouth freshener.

After use, keep your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide solution, but always remember to rinse it very well before using it again.


Yes, you can actually cure your mouth odor at home with simple self-care measures!

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