If you and your partner have been experiencing some difficulties in conceiving a baby for quite some time now, there is a high possibility that either one or both of you are infertile. However, this should not bring you down, as there are also millions of other couples around the globe who are experiencing the same issue as you.

With the different kind of lifestyle today’s modern couples have, there really is no surprise anymore about the fact that more and more people are having difficulties in conceiving. But, again, never let this get you down, because there are ways you can easily do at home to solve this problem. So, for those still struggling to conceive, here are some of the top home remedies for infertility that you can easily perform on your own.


1). Body cleansing: our bodies are wonderful machines that were designed to work under optimal conditions. This is most important when pregnancy is concerned. In order to conceive, a perfect symphony of hormones, vitamins, and minerals need to be present, or your body will not allow for the production of a baby. Since our current culture is structured around convenience, there are numerous toxins we ingest every day. The most effective way to cleanse your body is through a healthy diet fortified with vitamins and by getting regular cardiovascular exercise.

2). Eliminate certain beverages entirely: Any amount of alcohol consumed can lower your odds of conception by 50% or more.

Getting rid of alcohol for at least three months prior to attempting conception will give you the strongest chance of getting pregnant. Another beverage you are going to need to ditch is coffee. Drinking as little as one cup per day can decrease your ability to have a baby by half or more, just like alcohol. These two areas can be very difficult to change, but please consider your parental goal in making this small and limited sacrifice.

3). Have a healthy diet. What we eat totally affects what goes on in our bodies, so the very first of the top home remedies for infertility would really be having a healthy diet. So, make sure you eat plenty of the top food items that enhance one’s fertility like whole grain, vitamins C, B12, D, and E, dairy products, garlic, vegetables, and fruits in a balanced food plan, so you can easily get the best out of your meals.

4). Getting hydrated. As the body is majorly made of water, balancing it with a good dose of water by regularly being hydrated can actually do a lot in making yourself healthier. Consequently, this helps in making you more fertile and readier to carry another life.

5). Yoga. Practicing yoga has proven to work wonders for the human body. By regularly doing this kind of exercise, your total health can be improved as yoga not only helps in keeping the body physically healthy, but also keeps it well-balanced and free from emotional tensions.

6). More looser clothing (for men). If there’s one thing that physically affects men’s fertility, it would be tight clothing. So, if you’re a male who wants to get your partner’s eggs fertilized, one of the best home remedies for infertility for you would be to really avoid getting your private parts too cramped.

7). Relaxation. Failing at actually starting a family can be highly stressful and frustrating for a lot of couples with the nagging desire to actually have kids. However, this is really not helpful at all for conception because stress affects the body negatively and hinders your chances of successfully conceiving. So, another one of the top home remedies for infertility would be to relax from time to time.

8). Changing beauty products: Many cosmetics contain the chemical Paraben, which is a known to disrupt the necessary hormonal balance needed to become pregnant. Paraben can commonly be found in deodorant and shaving cream. They are very dangerous as the FDA lists them as a possible carcinogen and recent studies have linked to them to a heightened risk of breast cancer. A quick check through of your beauty products is definitely in order if you’re experiencing problems getting pregnant. This chemical alone can keep you from ever conceiving.




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